Spirit of Africa

Helping to make a difference in Africa

What is Spirit of Africa?

Spirit of Africa is a children’s charity started in August 2010 with a focus on South Africa. South Africa is an amazing country capable of holding a successful world cup, yet a country that produces 10,000 new orphans each month.

Many of these orphans are homeless with no one to care for them. It is the aim of the SOA to make a difference to some of those children. We need your help to do so.


Raising Funds

Spirit of Africa is raising funds towards establishing foster care homes for children in South Africa who are without a home or without a suitable carer. The foster care homes will provide a place of safety and security, where love and affection can be provided by the child’s primary carer.

In order to encourage the child’s natural development, our carers will be locally employed and will understand the cultural background of the children.

We will provide education and health care for each child in our care.


(World Health Organisation)

Estimated numbers of orphans

2001 - 400,000

2007 - 1,400,000

2017 - 3,700,000



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Fundraising in the Community

Throughout the year we raise money from regular direct debits and a variety of fun fundraising events.

We are currently working closely within a local school, helping to bring awareness of poverty to western children.



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The only hope for children escaping the poverty trap is through education.

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We aim to keep the children in their own cultural environment.

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Your money pays for a teacher and assistant to work in the Crèche and pre-school.

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Your money enables our pre-school children to enjoy two meals a day.




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How you can Help:

You could help by clicking here and making a donation. Or, you could organise a fund raising event yourself, no matter how small.