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As you will all know, there has been a pre-school at Ithembalihle for a while now, and due to its success it has grown from a few children to over 30 children in regular attendance. Until now the school has been housed in a room which was for the resident children of Ithemablihle to do their homework. Needs must and the school now requires a purpose-built classroom with adequate space and facilities for the children to learn. We have been supporting Ithembalihle with our partners GAGA and this relationship has now extended to the pre-school. In February of this year it was agreed by the board of both SOA and GAGA to build a new classroom building for the school, and in October 7 volunteers from the UK will join a local building team to make that become a reality. The new classroom is costing £8000, which covers the build and some equipment. So far we have reached 90% of the funding needed and have every confidence we will meet our target. 


The building team of volunteers from the UK will be made up of SOA and GAGA volunteers from many walks of life. They are paying for their visit and are using their holiday to make this project happen. In the spirit of our work we will be joined by a local building team and we will be working together to complete the classrooms.  


The new building will have two classrooms, a cloak room, a small storage room and large verandah. However, the toilets will be completed at a later date once we have raised the funding. Follow our progress on Spirit of Africa and GAGA Face Book page or follow Charlie’s blog. 


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