How can you make a Difference?

Spirit of Africa relys on your donations. All of your donations will go straight to helping us to care for the children and run the projects.  We accept both one time donations and monthly direct debits. For a one time donation please click here                                      

To set up a monthly direct debit please contact us for more information.

Having a clear out?

Spirit of Africa are always looking for children's books, clothes and toys. If you have anything you are willing to donate please contact us.

Where does your donations go?

Your donations will help us to pay for the monthly running costs of the project. A monthly payment is made to the project to cover all of the regular expenses that are incurred at Ithembalihle. The monthly payment varies between £1,000 and £1,300, depending on the rate of exchange and any extra expenditure incurred in that month.

We send monthly contributions to Ithembalihle, via Thandiwe who is the Registered representative of the NGO in S. Africa. Thandiwe then pays  a Housemother and a cook. The rest of the monthly donation is used for gas, electricity, food, petrol, medical expenses and cleaning materials.

We also use your donations to fund our special projects. For example In July we employed local builders to extend the dormitory to two stories. This was then completed in October when our volunteer team went out.